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I’m Lenka and I’d love to help you nourish, detoxify and balance your body by using vibrant living foods.

I can help you create an empowering lifestyle rather than a diet and in the process you’ll release pain, inflammation, let go of cravings and find loving relationship with food and yourself.

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Are you:

  • determined to clean up your diet, get grip on your waistline but don’t know where to start
  • eating plant-based to re-balance your health but found yourself at a dead end
  • a health enthusiast drowning in information overload who is looking for clarity

Or simply:

  • on a busy time schedule struggling with planning and organizing your meals
  • in need of support with creating routines and sticking to a healthy meal plan

I’d love to support you!

I offer a range of services to help you feel your best physically and emotionally. Together we fine-tune your health, eating habits and create a loving and enjoyable relationship with food. I believe in the inner wisdom of our body and that once you create ideal conditions through your diet and lifestyle, your body has no choice but to vibrate with energy, release any extra pounds and heal. I’ll support you with:

1 to 1 sessions for individuals or couples

In my office based in South Dublin or in the comfort of your home (online), you can have highly personalised one-to-one sessions.

As your personal nutritionist I’ll help you understand what’s been setting you back and how to start changing your diet. I’ll give you an advice on how to set up your home and work environment, so it supports you in achieving your goal. We’ll also talk about different shopping, meal preparation and cooking tips as well as eating outside of your home. We can even do some cooking together, if that’s what you’d like.

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Slim down & Detox with Vibrant Foods – 3 weeks online

This interactive online program could fall under a general weight loss program but it’s so much more! It’s about detoxing your body, recharging your batteries and healing your gut while giving your cells nourishment they need. It’s run for a small group of people in 4 online sessions over the course of 3 weeks.

We talk about simple diet swaps to start cleaning your body, about toxins and your gut, ageing and how to combat free radicals.

We dive deep into how much raw and cooked is optimal, talk about benefits of eating fruit and how to stop cravings once and for all.

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Your personal nutritionist in Dublin

Eating a healthy diet shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be an exciting part of your life which brings you joy, creates positive energy while nourishing every cell of your body.

And that’s what I’d love to help you with – find pleasure in eating the most nourishing foods – living foods, fruits and vegetables. In the process we’ll tackle inflammation and pain, balance hormones, combat cravings, weight issues and so much more. You’ll get a customised nutrition plan considering what you like, what not so much, your habits, medical history, current diet and goals you want to achieve. And eventually we’ll turn your plan into a lifestyle you’ll love.

Based in South Dublin, you can have sessions in person or online. During our chat you’ll become clear on what foods have been hurting your body, creating inflammation, discomfort and how to start changing this around. I’ll help you create new eating habits so you start feeling younger, healthier, more energetic and create a loving relationship with food and yourself.

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Supercharge with plants and …

Restore balance

Glow like never before

Find sweetness in life

Thriving superstars

I lost 1.5 stone and look better than ever. I was able to eat many delicious foods daily and was surprised at how easily and quickly my cravings subsided.

Nicola (56)Writer

I gained laser sharp focus and my energy went through the roof. Lenka's advice was suitable to my lifestyle, do-able and easy to follow.

Marta N (40)Data Analyst

My indigestion disappeared, energy increased, mood improved and pain from endometriosis is almost gone!

Marketa H. (32)Director Of Sales

Meet Lenka

My love for nutrition started at College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin where I came across the concept of eating a nutrient dense plant-based diet and reversal of disease. It fitted so well with my previous work as a nurse and studies of sports training. Already as a nutritional therapist I felt inspired to enrol in the Plant-Based Nutrition program at eCornell created by Dr T. Colin Campbell and have been learning since.

I believe that no matter how many diets you’ve tried, what genes you have, there is hope. You can become lean, energetic, healthy and have a clear head to be who you truly are, if you eat foods which love you back.

I’ve been where you are today, and understand what it’s like to start from scratch. How overwhelming it may feel even just eating more greens. As your personal nutritionist, I’m ready to support you all the way until we figure out what works for you and you experience that boundless energy, release extra pounds and become filled with joy again.

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You’ll also find answers to the following questions :

  • what about all the sugar from fruit
  • raw or cooked
  • gas and bloating
  • plant foods your gut and your mood
  • about dental health
  • what kitchen appliances to use and more.

These recipes are my family favorite, and they are a gentle way to bring more living foods into your diet and life. As a result, you’ll start vibrating with energy and health too.

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