No Diet —
Just Food

Switch a lifetime of dieting for abundance & joy!

What if you could trade being on a diet, counting calories and portion control for abundance, joy and peace of mind?

Hi, I’m Lenka

and I believe with every cell in my body that you are designed to thrive and be your ideal weight.

No deprivation.

No tiny portions.

No feeling bad or hungry.

When you tune in, listen to your natural hunger clues and enjoy whole plant foods until comfortably full, the rest follows.

You can have it all!

Boundless energy and drive while feeling healthy and comfortable inside your body.

If you’ve stumbled a few times, felt better just to swing back or dropped a size just to gain it back, it’s ok.

You are here now, ready for a new beginning!

I created this site to give you tools so you can find your ideal weight and health with joy, passion and nicely satisfied 🙂



Sugar swaps in your kitchen

sugar-free swaps

Small changes build up over time and eventually create big results. So start with little baby steps and crowd out sugar from your meals, snacks and treats one bite at a time.

Are you making a stew, tomato based sauce or baking muffins?

See what are some healthy sugar alternatives you can use instead.

Can't wait

Kicking the sugar habit

Why do you get hooked on sugar? Is there something wrong with you when you want to have just one cookie, yet finish an entire pack in no time?

And how can you wean yourself off? Perhaps there is a gentle way, rather than going sugar-free overnight.

These and much more I’ve answered in Kicking the sugar habit.

Short Videos

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Work with me

I’ve always been fascinated by the connection between our health and lifestyle. That’s what led me to becoming a nurse, earning a degree in Sports Training and to becoming a Nutritional Therapist.

Over the course of my practice, I’ve developed a passion for a whole-food plant-based lifestyle as the easiest way to achieve ideal weight and optimal health. I specialise in helping people include more whole plant foods, so they improve their blood sugar and hormonal balance, cravings, reduce refined sugar and bring inflammation down, so they become free from aches and pains.

I believe that the food you eat has the power to turn your health around despite what genes or life history you have. When you keep taking small steps based on joy, compassion and love, they’ll amount to big results.

Can't wait

What People Say

I lost 1/5 stone and look better than ever. I was able to eat many delicious foods daily and was surprised at how easily and quickly my cravings subsided.

Nicola (56)Writer

I gained laser sharp focus and my energy went through the roof. Lenka's advice was suitable to my lifestyle, do-able and easy to follow.

Marta N (40)Data Analyst

My indigestion disappeared, energy increased, mood improved and pain from endometriosis is almost gone!

Marketa H. (32)Director of Sales

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