Plant-based nutritionist in Dublin

No more energy slums, brain fog or feeling off.

Drop inflammation, stop feeling shaky and recharge your batteries with healing power of plants.

One bite, one meal at a time creates momentum and changes the way you feel day in, day out.

Nourish your cells, and get hooked on feeling like million backs.

It’s worth it!

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Your personal nutritionist in Dublin

Lenka combines her knowledge as a vegan nutritionist and former nurse with her passion for a natural plant-based lifestyle. She’ll create a customised nutrition plan taking into account what you like, what not so much, your habits, medical history, current diet and goals you want to achieve.

Based in South Dublin, you can have sessions in person or online. You’ll get advice on what foods have been creating inflammation, making your body hurt and causing you discomfort meal after meal.

You’ll create new eating habits and with Lenka’s support start feeling younger, healthier, more energetic and comfortable inside your body. You’ll essentially become addicted to feeling great and refuse to go back to the old ways of eating…

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Supercharge with plants and …

Heal your gut

Say bye to mood swings

Make your skin tight & bright

Move with joy

Find sweetness in life

Have laser sharp focus

How Can Lenka Help

Lenka offers a range of services to help her clients feel their best physically and emotionally, whether it’s fine-tuning their health, eating habits or waistline. She believes changing diet for better is an exciting adventure worth living through and support them with:

One-to-one sessions for individuals or couples

In her office based in South Dublin or in the comfort of your home (online), Lenka offers highly personalised one-to-one sessions.

As your personal nutritionist she helps you understand what dietary changes to make and how to set up your home and work environment, so it supports you in achieving your goal. She gives you advice on shopping, meal preparation, cooking as well as eating outside of your home. She can also do cooking demonstrations on request

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Inflammation – Buster program – 6 weeks online

This program is focused on how to put breaks on  inflammation, fine tune your immunity, sooth pain, digestion, get glowing skin and age gracefully. Based on the latest research, it’s run for small groups of people and each week is dedicated to different topics.

Topics discussed are: connection between animal foods, gut health and how to heal gut naturally; triggers of pain and swelling and how to find relief instantly; gluten, refined sugar and how to make immune boosting treats your kids will love; free radicals, top anti-inflammatory foods and anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

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Weight loss program – 6 weeks coaching online

This interactive weight loss program is run for a small group of people. It’s based on the latest science in the field of weight loss and plant-based nutrition. Presentations are combined with practical tips, recipes, and “trouble shooting” discussions.

Topics discussed are: calorie balance, gut health, healthy fats, biological and emotional drivers of cravings, crowding out refined sugar, hormonal balance in connection to weight, weight loss plateau and more. In addition, Lenka also provides support through social media during the course to help you put in practice what you learn.

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Talks and presentations

Lenka presents regularly online or in person at health and wellbeing summits to spread the word about how powerful whole plant foods are in prevention and management of disease. Her favourite topics are cravings and weaning off sugar, weight loss and transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet. She can create a talk specifically fitted to your audience and topic you are interested in.


I lost 1.5 stone and look better than ever. I was able to eat many delicious foods daily and was surprised at how easily and quickly my cravings subsided.

Nicola (56)Writer

I gained laser sharp focus and my energy went through the roof. Lenka's advice was suitable to my lifestyle, do-able and easy to follow.

Marta N (40)Data Analyst

My indigestion disappeared, energy increased, mood improved and pain from endometriosis is almost gone!

Marketa H. (32)Director Of Sales

Meet Lenka

During her nutrition studies at College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin she came across the concept of eating a nutrient dense plant-based diet and reversal of disease. As a former nurse, she found this fascinating. It inspired her to enrol in the Plant-Based Nutrition program at eCornell created by Dr T. Colin Campbell and has been learning ever since.

She believes that no matter how many diets you’ve tried, what genes you have, there is hope. You can become lean, energetic, healthy and have a clear head to be who you truly are.

Having personal experience with where you are today, she understands how challenging eating the right foods can be. As your personal nutritionist, she’ll flood you with empathy, understanding and encouragement to help you on your journey.

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Find Peace Of Mind

From overwhelm to having time for yourself

Feeling overwhelmed about how to make healthy eating work with your busy schedule?
Lenka will suggest easy food swaps, meals on the go and you’ll get wholesome recipes which take just a few minutes to make. As a mother of 2, she’ll share with you how to plan your weekly meals, what to buy and how to set up your pantry, so you have time to grab a book instead of standing for hours by the stove.

Is your mind endlessly thinking about sugary desserts or bags of crisps ?
Lenka draws on her nutritionist training and her own experience with cravings, emotional eating and overeating and helps you wean off refined sugar and fat. Considering your personal journey, she’ll outline a strategy on how to satisfy cravings with nourishing foods and how to create healthy eating habits which will bring you peace of mind.

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