The craving for sugar was so strong, I though I’d go mad. I started frantically searching through our cupboards, so I could function again.

That little bit of inconvenience was just enough to make me tap into my “clear thinking” brain and ask, do I really want it?

At last, I got distracted and forgot all about getting my fix. But this experience made me think about what just happened.

What helped me escape the uncontrollable urge for sweets?

I came up with a 3-step tool which I believe will help you too beat cravings in seconds when they hit.

You might think, why should you even try and make the effort. The constant dance of willpower, temptation, reward and distraction can be exhausting.

But that’s exactly it!

It’s exhausting only when you keep feeding the sugar monster living inside you. It demands more and more and the pressure inside you keeps growing. But if you break the cycle and refuse to give in, it weakens over time, you start feeling at peace and in control again.



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Cheers to you and a delicious way of living! 🙂