What if you decided you wanted to come off refined sugar?

I mean completely – cakes, chocolates, biscuits. Where should you start?

While everyone is different and you may have an all-or-nothing type of personality, with me it was different.

I knew that in order to make the transition I needed to go slowly, get used to the new flavours step by step first. Then I believed that eventually I’d fall in love with naturally sweetened treats.

One simple decision changed my life and health trajectory for good.

What decision am I talking about?

Making my own treats!

I can’t explain how profound this was and even though at first I was still using refined sugar, in different ratios like combining brown and white sugar for example, this eventually led me to crowding it out altogether.

And I’d love the same for you!


The feeling you get while enjoying a treat knowing it’s nourishing, satisfying and pampering, is profound. It’s uplifting and empowering. It just feels right in every cell of your body.


Finding the healthiest sugar swaps and using them in your treats makes sense for weight loss, for your brain health and also for keeping your sanity.

Refined sugar is addictive and as long as you eat it, it keeps you hooked.

That’s why I’d love you to join me in crowding it out whether it’s step by step or by storm and you go cold turkey 🙂

After you’ve watched it I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below:

What sugar-free treat are you going to make? 

For inspiration you can check out some sugar-free desserts here.

Thank you so much for sharing and for walking this journey with me. You’ve got this!

Cheers to you and a delicious way of living 🙂



  • Liz o ‘Neill says:

    Hi Lenka
    I enjoyed the video and love the recipes
    I will try the carrot cake
    Liz O’Neill

    • Lenka says:

      Thank you Liz for your kind words! Carrot cake is my favourite too 🙂 Enjoy. Lenka