Your willpower is limited and by the time evening comes, you would have made thousands of tiny decisions relating to food.

It’s choices like: “Is it better to have a smoothie or porridge, should you make power balls you saw on Instagram, are you gonna grab some fruit or a biscuit,”?  which exhaust your will power.

Then it’s only natural that when you find yourself eating your kids ice cream, it actually feels like a relief.

Whenever this happens, there is nothing wrong with you (see post here). The next meal is always a new opportunity to get back on track and start fresh.

But you can make it easier for yourself!

By making a few changes to your environment, not only can you make cravings less frequent, you also become more conscious and in charge of what you eat.

You essentially relax your willpower muscle and create some head space for more joyous and meaningful things, for what really matters to you.

Get it out of your sight

The most effective action to conquer cravings is not bringing the “dangerous” foods into your house. You won’t eat, what’s not there and even though you can walk to a shop, chances are you won’t.

If the rest of your family demands your trigger food, set up boundaries.

Keep it in as few places (ideally one) as possible, so you are not confronted with trigger items everywhere you look.

Remember: The less decisions you have to make, the stronger you are at the end of the day.

Put those foods into solid boxes or paper bags you can’t see through, so the image can’t trigger you.

Then put them somewhere so it’s not easily accessible for you. Back of the highest shelf in your cupboard, back of your fridge or bottom of the freezer are good places to start.

Make it easy

After you got the junk out of your sight, surround yourself with healthy nutritious foods.

Display tomatoes on a windowsill, make a bowl of fruit centrepiece of your kitchen table and put veggies, so they are the first thing you see when you open the fridge.

Make every effort to design your environment so it’s supportive, not disruptive by filling it with delicious foods, you don’t crave.

Don’t look for clues, stop dreaming what if  …

Everything you see makes you feel certain way.

Looking at photos of your loved ones warm up your heart, seeing trees or a sandy beach, has the power to relax you.

In the same way scrolling through social media feed, watching adds on TV, looking at food shop displays make you crave the very same.

These images trigger release of dopamine (neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure) and you start anticipating what those foods taste like. So much so, that you eventually find a way to eat them.

Solution? Spare yourself of the images and do an imagery detox ????

Choose strategically what you set your eyes on.

Check your media feed, perhaps something you admire doesn’t serve you that well. Record movies, so you can skip ads.

In the shop, stay within produce aisles, passing any displays of temptation without too much notice. If that isn’t possible, consider online shopping for groceries so you stay in safe environment of your home.

We say that eyes are windows to our soul. But it goes both ways.

What you lie your eye on, you are likely to crave. If not right away, later in the day or evening when the determination is gone.

That’s why it’s so important to design your environment which will remind you of health and vitality and create peace in your mind.

It’s worth every effort.

Cheers to you and a delicious way of living!