Mindful eating is a habit, I wish everyone had. And that’s not only because it helps you be in charge of how much and what you eat.

Mindful eating is also about slowing down even if you are late for an appointment. It’s about appreciating the present moment, reconnecting to your body and to your needs.

Perhaps you’ve tried a few times and felt a glimpse of what it could be like to appreciate every mouthful in peace. It felt great, right?

But, how to see this through? How to cultivate the habit of mindful eating which takes extra care, time and focus to grow?

After all, it’s being mindful what we drop first when we feel stressed and drown in to-do lists.

It’s a mission for all of us.

But, it’s these busy moments when it pays off to change gears, engage all your senses and enjoy your meal while fully present.


Then you digest your food properly, spare yourself bloating and tune in with your natural hunger while settling nerves in the process.

No wonder you even start feeling more powerful and see things in a brighter light than before.


In this video I share 3 actions you can take to help you with mindful eating in a gentle, yet profound way.

Being mindful with food, spills into the rest of your activities. And before you realise, you start appreciating even the smallest things in your life, like the sun in the winter sky.

It’s worth the effort, so let’s do this!

Cheers to you and a delicious way of living 🙂


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