Food As Medicine

Do you want to reduce inflammation, balance hormones, prevent sore joints, high cholesterol and strengthen your immunity?

This online course will help you understand why it’s important to focus on eating more beans and greens and how to do it.

Based on sound science, it’s filled with practical tips to help you make changes step by step, so you feel lighter, pain-free, have more energy and set a foundation for healthy eating for life.

Week 1

Going dairy-free

  • Connection between dairy, immunity and gut health
  • Store-bought and home-made dairy alternatives
  • How to build up from a dairy-free meal to a dairy–free life

Week 2

Switching from meat-based to plant-based

  • Why eating meat drives inflammation and what to do about it
  • What to eat to get enough Calcium, Iron and Protein
  • Meal to meal tips on how to replace meat with plant-based counterparts

Week 3

Eating carbs to beat inflammation

  • Why refined sugar causes inflammation and how to tackle it
  • Top anti-inflammatory foods to have every day
  • How to bring out the taste of veggies

Week 4

Cravings on a plant-based diet

  • Why it’s difficult to have just one …
  • What to do to prevent cravings
  • How to make treats without refined sugar and oil
Date: 4 consecutive Wednesdays or any other weekdays (date to be confirmed)
Where: through  ZOOM – Online
Availability: max 10 people
Time: 7 pm – 8.30 pm (to be confirmed)
Price: €59 (excluding booking fee)

As part of your course every week you’ll also get an action sheet to help you with the transition.

At the end of each session we’ll have a Q & A and you’ll get a new recipe each week to see how delicious eating for health is.

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