Food as Medicine

Inflammation Buster Plan

Put breaks on inflammation, fine tune your immunity, sooth pain, digestion and age gracefully!

This online program will help you understand why it’s important to focus on eating more beans and greens and how to do it.

Based on sound science, it’s also filled with practical tips. Lenka will coach you over 6 weeks to help you make changes step by step, so you feel lighter, pain-free, have more energy and set a foundation for healthy eating for life.

Week 1

Gut on fire

  • The connection between animal foods, inflammation and gut health
  • How to heal a leaky gut naturally
  • Meal-to-meal tips on anti-inflammatory swaps to meat dishes

Week 2

Healing fats

  • Fats which undermine your immunity
  • How to balance healthy fats to bust inflammation
  • Daily trio of anti-inflammatory foods you can have on the go

Week 3

Antioxidants 101

  • Gluten and other inflammatory forces in processed foods
  • Short chain fatty acids – immune boosting power of your gut
  • Oxidative damage, free radicals and top ten antioxidants rich foods

Week 4

Nutritious treats

  • The connection between refined sugar and inflammation
  • Nipping cravings in the bud & what to do when you just can’t escape
  • Making inflammation-buster treats even your kids will love
Date: TBC
Where: through  ZOOM – Online
Availability: max 12 people
Time: 7 pm – 8.00 pm
Price: €59 (excluding booking fee)

As part of the program Lenka will answer all the typical questions like where you get your protein, why the food tastes different or how to avoid digestive discomfort while eating high fibre foods.

As a professional nutritionist and mother of 2 Lenka will also give you tips on how to make tasty and health promoting meals within minutes so everyone in the family feels satisfied.

Every week you’ll get an action sheet to help you with the transition. And at the end of each session during Q & A you’ll get a new recipe to see how delicious eating for health is.

What people say

I loved Lenka's enthusiasm and positivity. It was very informative, presentations and slide-shows excellent. Overall, beyond helpful.

Marie K. (Analyst)

Really enjoyed the program. Now I know how to make healthy treats and feel great knowing that what I eat will also be good for me.

Catherine M. (Mother of 3)
vegan brunches

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