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Let’s get your health back on track.


Become alive, release extra pounds and swap pain for joy and fun.

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Are you?

  • Trapped in the world of yo-yo dieting
  • Tired of eating small portions with no result
  • In love with sugar but it doesn’t love you back
  • Afraid you are missing key nutrients
  • Doing everything right but still have pains
  • Struggling with getting organized and sticking to a healthy diet

Instead, you’d like to:

  • Be free from restriction and calorie counting
  • Enjoy your food without feeling guilty
  • Feel energetic after a meal
  • Be free from aches and pains
  • Know how to get all nutrients you need
  • Be at ease with meal planning and organizing

I can help you with:

Weight loss


  • Be clear on portions and satisfy true hunger
  • No more confusion about calories
  • Master hormones and stop piling on weight
  • Swap cravings for treats made with love
  • No more in-between-size jeans
  • Trade feeling bad for feeling empowered
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Becoming a Thriving Vegan


  • Gut health and balance
  • Super anti-inflammatory diet
  • Optimum blood results
  • Make vibrant and nutritious meals in minutes
  • Planning your menus and organizing
  • Turn into a superfoods PRO
  • Live a “fruitful” nutritarian life anywhere
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What happens during 1 : 1s?

Where are 1 to 1s held?

Our sessions can be held online or face to face in South Dublin, in my office or even in my kitchen. There in our homely atmosphere you’ll see how things can be done without any stress or pressure. As your personal nutritional consultant, I’ll show you what produce to use or how to make nutritious meals in minutes.

Since I’m based in Dublin, most of my clients come from South Dublin and West Dublin areas including Rathfarnham, Rathmines, Terenure, Tallaght, Clondalkin and close by Dun Laoghaire and Wicklow.

However, if you live outside Dublin or Ireland I’d still love to help you!

We can have one-to-one nutrition sessions online, in the comfort of your own home and as with all of my clients I’ll email you your plan, including recipes and other resources after.

Your Journey


Embracing a nourishing plant-based diet

We'll make sure your diet is well balanced and includes enough protein, calcium, iron, omega 3 fats and other nutrients //
Boost your energy levels //
Focus on hormonal balance and detoxification //
Fine tune your digestion

Loving treats which love you back

You'll know why you crave foods and how to enjoy treats which love you back //
How to wean yourself of processed sweets at your own pace //
You'll know how to love your sweet tooth and use it to thrive

Eating for health with joy

We'll talk about meal planning and batch cooking //
Shopping for your pantry //
Quick meal fixes //
Eating on the go //
Social gatherings and special events

Loving your new life

You'll know how to get back on track after a slip //
Strategies for breaking through a weight loss plateau //
What to do to improve your sleep //
How and when to use intermittent fasting and exercise so it supports your goal
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drop inflammation

Meet your nutritionist

I’ve been helping others to fall in love with healing fruits and vegetables for decades.

My background in nursing and sports training, love for animals and nature led me towards my profession as a nutritionist.

Through highly nutritious foods and superfoods I help people to detoxify and find a loving relationship with food and themselves. In the process we tackle inflammation, pain, hormonal imbalance, cravings, weight issues and so much more.

I believe in the inner wisdom of our body and that once you create ideal conditions through your diet and lifestyle, your body has no choice but to vibrate with energy, release any extra pounds and heal. Life is about enjoying every moment as a gift. And it’s so much easier to do so, when you are filled with pleasure, free from dieting and feeling of deprivation.

In my free time, I love to meditate, go for long walks in parks or for a run and I love grounding myself by running bare foot in the grass. All of this helps me recharge and get even more energy to share my love for healthy and compassionate living.

Thriving stars

Doris Mc Grane

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Your questions answered:

Who is a nutritional therapist?

A nutritional therapist looks at each person from a holistic point of view, Nutritional therapy is rooted in “functional medicine” and is based on a belief that disease is caused by nutritional and biochemical imbalances. By adjusting diet, and re-establishing balanced lifestyle, one can achieve optimum weight and health, physically as well as psychologically.

Is a meal plan included?

As they say “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The main focus during your nutrition consultations is on improving your dietary habits and lifestyle so it supports your health and weight goals indefinitely.

While I don’t create specific meal plans, as part of your consultations, you’ll receive examples of menus and recipes for breakfast, lunches and dinners to help you detoxify, energise and heal, all while taking into account your ultimate goal.

Do I need to be vegan?

For you to see maximum improvements in your health and weight, I’m going to encourage you to eat as many whole plant foods as possible. However, as your personal nutrition consultant, I’ll meet you where you are at. So, if you wish to keep some animal foods in your diet, it’s your personal choice, which I will respect.

Do I have to take supplements?

I believe your body gets the best nutrition from plant foods which are in their natural form, as grown in nature. However, if following 100% plant-based diet, vitamin B12 is mandatory. In addition, there may be some others like vit. D and plant-based omega 3s which may be required. The main focus however is always on food as the source of nutrients and energy to give you optimum health.

 Do I need to know how to cook?

In order to get the best results, I recommend you eat the majority of food that you make yourself. After all it’s nothing like a large colourful salad or a wholesome steaming bowl of chilli to nourish your body! However, if your lifestyle doesn’t account for cooking, I’ll give you tips on how to make simple and quick meals, eat on the go and how to order from any restaurant menu so it’s in line with your goals.

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