One on One Sessions With Lenka

In person or online

First One Off Session

45 min, €79.00

Are you looking for some general advice about a plant-based diet and your health? What are the first steps to take, some simple recipes, resources and easy to make changes so you see some benefits?

During this session, we’ll talk about the connection between your current health and diet. I’ll give you suggestions on where to start, what foods to focus on and what to avoid, so your body becomes strong and healthy again.

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45 min, €69.00

Follow Up Session

During your follow up, we’ll expand on our work from the previous session. I’ll suggest more tweaks and we’ll address things which might not have been working well for you. In any case the aim is to introduce more healthy plant foods than before, so you feel even healthier and happier with yourself.

Standard Package

4 x 60 min sessions, 9 - 12 weeks, €355

(100€ payable at the first session, the rest before the 2nd session)

During your package, we’ll work closely, so you master the principles of an unprocessed plant-based lifestyle and understand how to reach your goal.

I’ll create a customized plan taking into account how busy you are, what foods you like today and how quickly you’d like to make changes.

Our Focus

As we go through the weeks, we'll focus on:


Switching to a health promoting plant-based diet

- We'll make sure your diet is well balanced and includes enough protein, calcium, iron, omega 3 fats and other nutrients so you thrive
- Address your energy levels with specific foods and lifestyle strategies
- Focus on hormonal balance and detoxification
- Fine tune digestion

Cravings & weaning of sugar

- You'll understand what triggers your cravings and how to get them under control
- You'll get used to new flavours so eventually an oatmeal tastes like a treat
- Wean off refined sugar at your own pace
- Know how to make nourishing treats

Eating for health simplified

- We'll talk about meal planning and batch cooking
- Shopping for your pantry
- Quick meal fixes
- Eating on the go
- Social gatherings and special events

Loving your new lifestyle

- You'll know how to get back on track after a slip
- Strategies for breaking through a weight loss plateau
- What to do to improve your sleep
- How and when to use intermittent fasting and exercise so it supports your goal

The Package Includes

  • Assessment of your health & food questionnaire
  • Assessment of your food diary
  • A nutritional plan tweaked after every session if required
  • Call time (up to 1 hr)
  • Unlimited texts and mails
  • Discounted rate for follow ups for up to 1 year upon completion of the package

You’ll Also Receive

  • A pantry & shopping guide
  • Example of daily menus
  • Quick & easy-to-go meals when busy
  • 21-day Recipe guide
You may want to transition to your new lifestyle gently or prefer the fast way. Both approaches are possible, and together we’ll pick the one that suits you the most.
The content of your package can be customized depending on what you prefer, and we can also include some cooking sessions!
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