Group weight loss & plant-based programs

Lenka, as a nutritionist based in South Dublin runs two different programs for small groups of people. Both programs are tailored to support participants in weight loss while eating nourishing whole plant foods for overall health. (currently online).

The weight loss and food as medicine programs combine the latest science in the field of weight loss, overall health and physical and emotional wellbeing.

As a professional nutritionist, Lenka uses a combination of powerful presentations, actions and inspiration together with real life examples to support participants on their weight loss journey while eating for optimum health.

Weight loss program:

Lenka leads a small group of people (12 people maximum) and teaches specific strategies on how to tune in with natural hunger, create healthy eating habits and manoeuvre through social events without sabotaging health and a weight loss goal.

Content of the program:

  • how to feel full while saving calories to accelerate weight loss
  • connection between hormones, weight loss and how to manage that
  • mastering cravings, strategies to wean off refined sugar, making healthy treats
  • how much fat to eat for brain health without stalling weight loss
  • eating on the go, ordering at restaurants, setting up your environment
  • breaking through a weight loss plateau

This weight loss program runs over 6 weeks and is highly interactive. Lenka as your personal nutritionist shares recipes, practical tips on how to get on top of cravings, cooking tips on how to crowd out refined sugar and how to understand your emotions and personality so they don’t interfere with your weight loss goal.

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Food as medicine program:

Lenka works with a small group of people over 4 weeks to help them understand how to use whole plant foods as medicine. As a professional nutritionist she teaches you how to reduce inflammation, support immunity, increase energy, drop cholesterol and balance hormones.

Content of the program:

  • connection between animal foods, inflammation and health
  • how to build up from a dairy-free meal to a dairy-free life
  • switching from meat-based to whole plant-based
  • how to get enough Calcium, Iron, protein and other nutrients on a plant-based diet
  • top anti-inflammatory foods
  • cravings on a plant-based diet

Participants will understand what foods can trigger disease and what foods are protective and conducive with health. Based on sound science, they’ll get set with practical tips, recipes and a roadmap for healthy eating for life.

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Which program should you choose?

Food as medicine program is focused on transitioning to a health promoting whole food plant-based diet. While it’s quite common that people eat plant-based, it’s only a stepping-stone on their way to ultimate health and often needs to be tweaked further. During the program Lenka as a professional nutritionist answers the most typical questions like where you get your protein, why the food tastes different or how to avoid digestive discomfort while eating high fibre foods.
The weight loss program goes deeply into the science of losing weight with a special focus on hormonal changes, blood sugar balance and cravings. It answers your questions whether you have a lot of weight to lose, want to drop the last 10 pounds or if you feel you’ve been doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge.

Is working in a group right for you?

Going through a program as part of a small group creates a sense of community and accountability. Hearing from like-minded people their questions, wins and challenges reminds you that you are not alone on this journey. You can choose to participate as much as you are comfortable but even just being there and listening to the presentations as part of a group gives you a sense of belonging and motivates you to take action week on week.

About Me

Meet Lenka

As a personal nutritionist based in South Dublin she has been helping others combat cravings, balance hormones, lose weight and find health by eating unprocessed plant foods. She encourages people to use food as medicine, so they break free from a lifetime of pain, dieting and deprivation.

During her nutrition studies at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin she came across the concept of eating a nutrient dense plant-based diet and reversal of disease. As a former nurse, she found this fascinating. It inspired her to enrol in the Plant-Based Nutrition program at eCornell created by Dr T. Colin Campbell and has been learning ever since.

She believes that no matter how many diets you’ve tried, what genes you have, there is hope. You can become lean, energetic, healthy and have a clear head to be who you truly are.

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