Losing weight for life – with food, not a diet!

Do you want to set yourself free from fad dieting, feeling “hangry” and see what your real healthy weight feels like?

In our coaching sessions we’ll talk about what to eat so your plate is full, yet your weight starts coming off. I’ll walk you through specific strategies on how to beat your instincts and manoeuvre through social events without sabotaging your health and weight.

You’ll learn kitchen tricks for replacing sugar and oil and you’ll know how to set up your environment, so it suits your personality and makes weight loss for life possible.

Week 1

Calories 101

  • A science “backed” approach to feeling full while saving calories
  • Weight gain traps everyone falls into and how to avoid them
  • How to apply a simple meal rule to start losing weight immediately

Week 2

Pleasure trap

  • Why who you are impacts your weight and how to turn it to your advantage
  • Managing hidden forces which drive overeating
  • Setting up your environment so you don’t need to rely on your willpower

Week 3

Cravings and blood sugar balance

  • Avoiding common mistakes which spike blood sugar and drain your energy
  • Preventing cravings regardless of what time of the month it is
  • Strategies to wean yourself off sugar and making healthy treats

Week 4

Surprising life of fat

  • When eating fat increases inflammation and what to do about it
  • How much fat to eat for a healthy brain while still losing weight
  • Easy fat swaps in your meals without sacrificing flavour

Week 5

Social life

  • Eating out and on holidays
  • Having a good time at parties and social events while staying on the plan
  • What to say and do when dealing with unsupportive people in your environment
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Week 6

Keeping weight off for life

  • Breaking through a weight loss plateau
  • Getting back on track after the holiday season
  • Little-known extra supportive strategies to help you keep weight off for life
Date: 6 consecutive Tuesdays – TBC
Where:  through  ZOOM – Online
Availability: max 12 people
Time: 7 pm – 8.30 pm
Price: €149

As part of the coaching program every week, you’ll get an action sheet to help you execute what you learnt.

At the end of each session, we’ll have a Q & A and you’ll receive recipes to see how delicious eating for healthy and sustainable weight loss is.

Accountability is a powerful motivation when it comes to making diet changes. That’s why we’ll also keep in touch through the weeks (through social media etc.) to cheer you on and help you stay on track.

What people say:

No more overeating and feeling confused. With this program Lenka helped me discover my trigger foods and taught me how to set up my kitchen so I can stay on track.

Liz A., Therapist

I finally lost the last 6 pounds I've been struggling with. This program is what I needed to make a few swaps and understand what didn't work for me.

Laura S. (Consultant)

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