Nourish & heal with foods which love you back

Set yourself free from fad dieting and feeling “hangry” & see what your real healthy weight feels like …

In our sessions we’ll talk about what to eat so your plate is full, yet your weight starts coming off. You rebalance your gut, become energized and drop inflammation – all by eating foods which love you back.

I’ll walk you through specific strategies on how to beat your instincts and manoeuvre through social events without sabotaging your health and weight.

You’ll learn kitchen tricks for replacing sugar and oil and you’ll know how to set up your environment, so it suits your personality and makes weight loss for life possible.

Week 1

Calories 101

  • A science “backed” approach to feeling full while saving calories
  • Weight gain traps everyone falls into and how to avoid them
  • How to apply a simple meal rule to start losing weight immediately

Week 2

Healing Fats

  • How much fat to eat to stay sharp while still losing weight
  • Balancing hormones for weight loss
  • Trio of fast metabolism, anti-inflammatory foods you can have on the go

Week 3

Cravings freedom

  • The “friendly” foods which spike blood sugar and drain your energy
  • Nipping cravings in the bud & what to do when you just can’t escape
  • Making nourishing sugar-free treats even your kids will love

Week 4

Inflammation busters

  • Inflammation, oxidative damage and weight loss
  • How to balance gut naturally to burn instead of store fat
  • Top ten antioxidant rich foods for glowing skin

Week 5

Weight loss boosters

  • Raw versus cooked and how much is enough for weight loss
  • Intermittent fasting, exercise and other ways to boost your metabolism
  • Making your new lifestyle work on budget or when on a tight schedule

Week 6

Nourish, heal & tone for life

  • Optimising your nutrition in social settings
  • Tips on getting enough Calcium, Protein, Iron and other nutrients while finding your ideal weight
  • Creating a nourishing self-care plan you can actually stick with
Date: 6 consecutive Thursdays – starting on Thursday 13th Jan 2022
Where:  through  ZOOM – Online
Availability: max 12 people
Time: 7 pm – 8.00 pm
Price: €59
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Every week we’ll focus on a specific action for you to do, so you start moving your body into naturally healing and anti-inflammatory state. We build on this week on week until you start releasing unwanted pounds in a healthy and nourishing way with respect to your body.

We’ll have Q & As, demos and you’ll receive recipes to see how delicious and easy eating for healthy and sustainable weight loss is.

No matter what your weight loss journey, relationship with food or a health challenge has been, you’ll feel support and motivation to embrace eating foods which love you back, so you can find your vitality, joy and feel like never before.

What people say:

No more overeating and feeling confused. With this program Lenka helped me discover my trigger foods and taught me how to set up my kitchen so I can stay on track.

Liz A., Therapist

I finally lost the last 6 pounds I've been struggling with. This program is what I needed to make a few swaps and understand what didn't work for me.

Laura S. (Consultant)
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