Detox & recharge with foods which love you back

Clean your body, recharge batteries and boost your health with highly alkalising fruits and vegetables.

Your body knows how to clean and detoxify but your life can get in a way. Then you may feel sluggish, tired, notice inflammation creeping in, fight with extra weight and cravings.

In this 21-day program I’ll show you how to tweak your diet so your body can start cleaning from the inside out.

We won’t do any flushes or shakes. Instead I’ll guide you on how to increase amount of living foods in your meals so you can start your journey to feeling and looking amazing from the inside out. #Potatoes and wholegrains are allowed 🙂

Week 1

Toxins & Ageing

  • Your gut, toxins and simple diet swaps to start cleaning your body
  • How to combat free radicals and slow down aging
  • Top antioxidants rich foods to optimise detoxification

Week 2

Magic of Fruit

  • Fruit, boundless energy and cravings freedom
  • How to make filling, delicious and super nutritious salads
  • Making sugar-free, highly energising treats

Week 3

Detox Boost

  • Intermittent fasting for healing and detoxification
  • Sleep, exercise and emotional detox
  • Optimising your nutrition in social settings


There is more ….

  • How much raw and how much cooked to detox
  • Sprouts and how to get their benefits
  • What to do when you feel like going off the plan
  • How to get enough Calcium, Protein, Iron and other nutrients while living clean live ….
Date: 6 sessions dates TBC
Where:  through  ZOOM – Online
Availability: max 10 people
Time: 7 pm – 8.00 pm
Price: €59

At the end of each session you’ll have a new action to focus on, so you start reducing toxins in your foods and start flushing them out of your body.

You’ll also get recipes for highly energising smoothies, nourishing salad dressings and soothing stews.

It’s going to be 3 weeks of fun and new discoveries.

I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂 .

What people say:

I love the energy and don't feel sluggish any more! Lenka helped me discover my trigger foods and I finally got a grip on my mindless eating and waistline.
Highly recommended.

Liz A., Therapist

I feel so much lighter and my skin is glowing. This program is what I needed to make a few swaps and understand what didn't work for me. And I now love fruits and veg too!

Laura S. (Consultant)

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