Reset your taste buds, optimize digestion, deepen your sleep and recharge batteries with highly alkalizing superfoods.

This superfoods reset will help you replenish nutrient stores on cellular level and re-balance your gut while boosting your metabolism and energy levels.

This program isn’t about deprivation.

It’s about taking a break from foods which don’t serve you any more.

Instead you’ll get to enjoy unprocessed plant-based meals together with powerful nutrient dense organic superfoods.

In tandem these foods will nourish your body on deep cellular level, so you can start cleaning from the inside out.

This program will help you unleash your vitality and while meeting you where you are at, it brings your health to the next level.

It can help you

    • CLEANSE your body
    • TIGHTEN connective tissue
    • Optimize your METABOLISM
    • STABILIZE blood sugar levels
    • Experience RESTFUL sleep
    • Harmonize your MICROBIOME
    • RETRAIN your taste buds
    • Maintain healthy BLOOD building
    • Support a healthy LIVER

Kick start your journey to wellness and health

Have you tried everything but nothing has worked?

  • Different diet plans
  • Magical potions
  • Elimination diets

But your energy levels are still low, you can’t rest at night, your gut gets upset and hormones are all over the place?

I’m here to help!

As your plant-based nutritioninst I’ll guide you along the way. I’ll support you with snack ideas and meal recipes to enjoy together with the superfoods.

Your 20 – day lifestyle reset includes:

    • Essential amino acids (building blocks of proteins)
    • Ionic elements (trace minerals)
    • Cracked cell chlorella (detoxification and healthy nerve signalling)
    • Green berry juice
    • Herbal gut support (restoring gut balance)
    • Tart cherry juice (refreshing sleep)
    • Snack ideas and plant-based meal recipes
    • Together with 3 x 30 min coaching
    • Plan for the future when reset is finished